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All Girl Rock Band From Sweden.

In May 1997 they released "The Misdemeanor EP" on Pshychout Records / Shevil Recordings, after almost a year in the studio.
Other releases Include 5 wheel drive, Let me know and You're Nothing (and you know it).
by aNthraXx January 16, 2004
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Piracy Group, Founded in 1985.

(1911 is 777 in the Hexadecimal number system (Base 16). 777 Is the opposite to 666.)
Razor 1911 released <insert game> a week before it was in stores!
by aNthraXx January 16, 2004
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if something is done

from Romeo Dunn, of So Solid Crew
a)How is your project going rob?
b)Its romeo
by aNthraXx January 26, 2004
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