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Deliberate misinterpretation of a subject; Useful tool for political speech writers to misrepresent facts; Choice to misunderstand or to created misinformation for personal motives; Creating a "strawman" in an argument to alter the truth; Misread on purpose; Take in the wrong sense deliberately.

Commonly confused with "misconstrue" which does not imply deliberate misunderstanding.
"The senator's speechwriters chose to misconscrew his opponent's words to make them appear to mean something they clearly did not."

"She misconscrewed his meaning to create a strawman to attack rather than confront his true meaning directly"

"Although he knew exactly what she meant, he misconcrewed her meaning to avoid discussing her feelings, instead focusing on something completely unrelated"
by Siagiah Karlsson December 12, 2006
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When someone mistakenly comes to a conclusion but it's TOTALLY messed up.
Dude! Jack was at the conference but he misconscrewed what the speaker was saying. He will always misconscrew things.
by Dave St. February 14, 2008
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