An Empty pit of nothingness filled with ice cream and netflix
My love life love life is terrible. The closest I've gotten to a girlfriend in 3 years is the cashier. She was totally checkin me out. But alas Andrew j is still single.
by Loner4lyfe June 25, 2014
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Pure nothing.

Nothing except the v o i d.
V O I D a n d s a d n e s s
I cri
Depressed person - I will never find love *sigh* my love life... *cries*
by DON'T EAT DEM TIDEPODS July 10, 2018
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"fucking love my life" is a term which is used when a person really loves/ is proud of his life.
Mark: Hey, just heard you got a promotion!
Jack: Yeah! I fucking love my life!
by IAmSpix May 4, 2016
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Used as an expression of happiness, accomplishment, laughter, etc. Basically any positive event/emotion.

For the negative effect, see "I hate my life"
Friend: ::tells joke that you find amusing::

You: I totally half-assed that essay and got an A, I love my life!
by Nick H February 3, 2004
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