She’s stunning and graceful. Radiant in her ethereal beauty. An Enigma. Usually used to describe analytical, attractive, creative, witty, intelligent women. She’s soft and beautiful, cuddly perfection. She will go to the ends of the earth for those she calls clan but cross her or do her wrong and you will feel her wrath. She is a Queen and a true diamond among women.
She’s an absolute Miracle. Utter perfection!
by BrattyPeach October 14, 2019
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An unspeakably evil wicked sinful unholy vile ignoble corrupt menace. This fiendish demon will ruin your day every second, and is incomparable to any other villain (ie. Darth Vader). She will ruin everything. Vulnerabilities: counselors.
It's a miracle we don't have Miracle in our class.
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by Chromium is bad September 11, 2018
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A fat ass girl who loves to eat a lot of food and gets on everybody nerves
That bitch Miracle is annoying and she ate all my chips
by ynknown February 24, 2019
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this bitch miracle wanna fight me miracle is :thot :hoe :bitch :cock sucker :wanna be black thot: I HATE MIRACLE DONT WE ALLL
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by angel n February 27, 2017
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A tall giant bitch. She is also the human sprinkler and will spit water at you. She is married to Savannah Rodriguez. She will and can kill you. She likes to hit people and make fun of "willy boi". She has chipmunk teeth but will not admit it. She is very narcissistic. She will say she's fat and be proud of it. She is scared of dicks as well but is NOT gay. Overall, just a weird person.
random person: Who's that giant?
Me: It's Miracle.
by youknowwhoiamchannelview March 14, 2019
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Miracle- a shaggy ass booty bitch she know here couchi stink inside and out and it be burning u say imma hoe at least my couchi don't stink
Miracle aka nightmare can u take a fucking shower😂
by Maylasia Hawkawns October 26, 2019
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A mean insensitive bitch who thinks she is better than everyone else. But sometimes she loves boys who are the opposite of her. She has amazing brains but she used them on something else. She is pretty and has no more flaws than 2.
HI:Miracle Sup
Can you lift 10 lbs

Yeah even 20
by CallerIDBlank April 22, 2019
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