A non specific feeling, usually consisting of more than one feelings.
When I broke up with my girlfriend I felt a sense of minoy.
by Trent Pettyjohn April 29, 2007
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Oliver enjoys wearing a minoi to university on cold days
by minoiwearer April 26, 2013
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An exclamation of aggression, most often used by Dooblebob from Spongebob episode 34, season 2.
"ME HOY MINOY!" declared Doodlebob.
by Pheldda November 26, 2015
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A phrase used towards an individual's significant other during sexy times to pleasure and/or excite them. It is most known to work on those who are attracted to Doodlebob, marine biologists, people who really fucking like sponges, people with gibberish kinks, and/or those who enjoy the Shrek movies.
And the lover whispered into his partner's ear, "Me hoy minoy...". After a momentary pause, they responded with a gasp and "Bwah ha whah".
by GitGudBeotch April 22, 2016
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when you come out of a notebook and terrorize a city and doodle all over the place and when someone tries to capture you but falls into the hole you call down "mi hoy minoy"
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a saying by kuku birds that flew out of fake asian nest.
mi hoy minoy aah splash
by Sashaaisha May 2, 2022
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