The sexiest beast in sponge bob, known for his aggressive Pencil action and frequently yelling me hoy minoy during intense times.
"Attack me like a Doodlebob," Rebecca said to attract nearby males.
by thelemoncurry October 21, 2016
Doodlebob is a character is spongebob from episode 34 Season 2 when spongebob draws him and he turns evil.
Spongebob: Oh No! It's Doodlebob
Doodlebob: Me Hoy Minoy
by MeHoyMinoy22 October 26, 2016
noun; verb

The result of a woman with a flat posterior.

Synonyms: 0-Ass, No Cheeks/Buns, Not Thicc, "Plank lookin' ass", Flat, "Where?", (Physical Nothingness); etc.
Guy 1: My nigga that bitch thicc!
Guy 2: Nigga.... that bitch got in a fight with doodlebob.
Guy 2: My nigga it look like she got her shit doodlebobed
by 3spook5you February 15, 2017
A spongebob-like creature created from one of spongebob's best episodes, he is very mischievous and also talks like the stereotypical internet nerd (no offense to spongebob). He was drawn from a magic pencil that made anything you created come to least in bikini bottom. After stealing the magic pencil, doodlebob goes on to draw a duplicate pineapple, a hole that spongebob and Patrick fall into, a wrench to drop on Patrick's head, and a bowling ball. Eventually he gets erased, but his hand manages to slink away and redraw himself. He eventually meets his demise when when spongebob finds out that he gets attached to paper, and any part of him that attaches to paper becomes a drawing.
by Memaydmenn February 11, 2014
Scariest shit from my childhood. If Doodlebob were a person, he'd belong in AHS asylum
Other person: *prepares holy water*
by youngmango June 6, 2015
Sexiest Man Alive On This Planet,Women Get Very Horny Just By The Scream Of His Nehoy Menoy's
by BigTIllyMan April 28, 2021