equals what
-i'm gonna bla bla bla...
-I said i'm gonna go home now...
by juliopavei August 7, 2009
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term used by english and posibly american males in the 12-22 age range meaning whats up bra/bro/brohim
by Quwel July 15, 2009
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The melinials have become Generation Whah
by Generation Whah February 25, 2017
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this is what you say after giving someone relevant bad news in response to anything


this is what you say to someone after they tell you bad news even though you're in a good mood.
Grandma: "OMG, I just won the lotto!"
Debbie: "yeah, but your prognosis is less than a week...you probably won't live long enough to collect it."
Debbie: "Whah wa"
by dan&chris March 31, 2005
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The sound you make when you are confused, don’t want to do something, are talking to someone, or when you see something weird.
Mom: Do the dishes

Teen: Whah-ugh!

Mom: I hope the dog didn’t yusbo
by Question words November 7, 2018
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