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Surprising better than school.
Person 1: dude I got detention during math
Person 2: lucky!
Person 1: yeah man he fell asleep and I went to meet up with Lexi.
Person 2: *slightly drools*
by Badassbitch696969 July 01, 2018

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If you think we have a “OH YOU BETCHA” kind of accent your porely mistaken. When you get up really close into Canada maybe but other then that’s it’s Wisconsin’s. We are apparently crazy gifted because we can withstand 10-20 below zero and 95-105 above. So in other words Minnesotans are crazy strong. minnisota for life tho
Person1: damn those Minnesotans are crazy tough man
Person2: ikr!
Person1: I’m goin to Minnesota man let’s see how long I last
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by Badassbitch696969 July 12, 2018

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