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She's the beautiest girl you'll ever meet. Her dark big eyes make you fall jn love with her. She's kind but has a low opinion of herself. She is often sad and very stubborn. She will help you with anything if you will ask her to, she is a great sister/girlfriend/friend and a very carring mother. She is lovable, carring, helpful and honest. You can be very happy ti hace her in your life cuz she'll never let you down and always be by your side.
"Why are you so happy?"- I have Minka.
by Jdkwk December 10, 2017
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Minka is the t9 cell phone word for ninja... Ninja is the polite way to say the N word.. but MINKA is by far cooler then NINJA
awwww snap them minkas stole my rims
by MJ/LATINA August 07, 2008
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