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A gaming youtuber who became famous for playing games like BO2, GMOD, GTAV. Played with other famous youtubers such as VanossGaming, DathiDeNogla, Mini Ladd etc. Probably the funniest member of the group due to his creative insults and dark humor. Now all he does is play Fortnite, and he rarely plays with his original friend group. Now he's basically Ali-A, minus the accent and PG rating.
Guy 1: Man I wish I AM WILDCAT would stop playing Fortnite.
Guy 2: Yeah, me too.
by BemoWemo June 25, 2018
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A once great YouTube channel that played a varitety of different games, including GMod, Mario Kart, GTA 5, the list could go on forever. According to him, he's tired of gmod, which is understandable after 140 episodes after four years. But what doesn't make sense is how he can make 110 episodes of Fortnite in less that seven months and show no signs of exaustion. Tyler has dedicated his entire channel to Fortnite, only playing other games due to sponsorship. Wether or not he's leaving his crew for his Fortnite crew is unconfirmed, but inevitable. He lived a legend, and his channel will die trend following.
Guy #1: Dude, I Am Wildcat is the best Fortnite youtuber! He's so funny!
Guy #2: I miss when he played GMod and GTA 5, and Mario Kart, and-
Guy #1: Woah woah woah, wait a second! He played things other than Fortnite?
by Big Dick McGhee August 15, 2018
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An American Youtuber with about 5 million subs as of 2017. Iamwildcat or wildcat is a gaming Youtuber who usually plays games such as Gmod, Golf, or Mario kart with his friends is known for raging sarcastic remarks and his cussing but it's just not ordinary cussing and insults he's extremely creative with them and can make a good come back within seconds!

One of wildcats common phrases are and I quote! "You fat bitch with your fat tits" he has yet to put it on a T-shirt but we're all crossing our fingers!
Person -"Hey have you watched


Person 2- "That Gamer that's always cusses like he's having namn flashbacks?"
Person 2- "No"
by Shreedy6 August 30, 2017
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