An American boy band who has performed with other known artist such as Janet Jackson, the Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber. They consist of 4 boys who go by the names of Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton. Prodigy is best known as the lead singer and is well known to be inspired by Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Prodigy has a very old-soul/humble type of outlook and carries his self very maturely. Roc Royal, or "Double R" is the rapper of the group. His style is more to be urban and new age with a hint of "thug" to it. Though, his personality is very goofy and outgoing. Ray Ray, who has many other nicknames such as "Ray 2wice" and/or "Dr.Loon" is the rapper/singer of the group. He is very artistic and blunt. Ray loves to share his vision of art, and express his self through fashion and poetry. Last but not least is Princeton! Princeton, known for his diverse afro, is the narrative speaker of Mindless Behavior, sometimes he will also sing. Best remembered for his loved inspirations such as John Lennon, Andy Warhol, David Bowie or Prince. Princeton has a very enthusiastic and loving personality, he loves to spread peace and love through fashion and what ever way he can. 3/4 of MB has their own clothing line. Prodigy, Ostrch Clothing. Ray Ray, APEX 2wice. Princeton, Outsiders Ink. Mindless Behavior has headlined two tours for their albums "#1 Girl" and "All Around The World" with more to come!
"Did you hear Mindless Behavior's new song?"
"Of course, they're all amazing!"
by 2wice September 15, 2013
A group of talented fine boys that can sing and dance. princeton is the one with the curly puff, rayray is the one with the braids, roc royal is the one with the puff, and prodigy with the mohawk. THEY WILL TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH THEIR SWAG. #MBTakeover
"mindless behavior are FINE! I am DEFINITELY their Mrs. Right."
by PrincetonsPrincess September 11, 2011
As of 2014 Mindless Behavior is a African American boy group.

Princeton- Afro/curly hair
Ray ray- two braids
Prodigy- (who apparently left the group on September 28th) blond shaved head.
EJ- (the replacement of Prodigy) shaved head...nothing really interesting YET
The boy group was put together by Walter Millsap and Keisha Gamble.
I live directioners and have nothing against One Directions or who they attract (fan wise) but there are some good things about Mindless Behavior that One Direction doesn't have like they can't dance. but One Direction does have a bigger fan base which make them more dominant in fan base wise. I would say that the Mindless Behavior group appeals to only African Americans but I feel like it's all over just like one direction :)
MBFAN: omfg I love Mindless Behavior so much I want to marry them!
ODFAN: whatever there not as big as one direction
MBFAN: mindless behavior is still the shit boo!
by KissDaTrueBootyBoo May 28, 2014
a group of four amazing young man . they are best known as Prodigy , Roc Royal , RayRay , And Princeton . They Are Fine As Hell And Should Never EVER Wear Shirts . they have an album out called #1 girl so go buy it or your a queer . they believe all girls are beautiful . even if your ugly as hell . as long as your confident your beautiful . and even though they seem innocent they are ALL freaks . if you need to know more ... GOOGLE IT !
"gosh dang . look at them boys !"
"look at them? U with the fro ! IN MY PANTS!"
"dude ... chill mindless behavior is not all that"
"gtfo mindless behavior is this SHIT , STOP PISSIN!"
by Fernando'ssWifey ! November 21, 2011
An American boy band that formed in 2008 and released their first single in 2010. They had two albums in the top 10 on Billboard so far and are working on a 3rd album with new member EJ that is supposed to have a new sound than their past music. They also have their own documentary called 'All Around The World' that was released in early 2013. The other film they have is Bad Behavior. The group consists of Princeton (Jacob Emmanuel Perez) <born on April 21, 1996> who is mainly Mexican and is the punk rocker and misfit. Ray 2wice (Ray ray) (Rayan Lopez) <born on January 6, 1996> he is the pretty boy and is more poetic and artistic. Roc Royal (Chresanto Romelo Lorenzo August) <born July 23, 1997> is the more bad boy, rebellious, thug type. EJ (Elijah Johnson) <June 24, 1997> is new and was on Kidz Bop and Broadway prior to MB. Prodigy (Craig Damion Crippin Jr.) <December 26, 1996> was the singer originally and was a chill, passionate member. All boys are very talented with other talents like: rapping, drawing, acting, fashion, instrument playing, writing and such. Outsiders Ink & 2wice Couture are their clothing lines. All of them have tattooes and/or piercings. They have a wide range of friends of all types and statuses. Twitter: @MindlessBhavior @PeacePunkPrince @trendy2wice @Royal3r @iamelijahj Instagram: @MindlessBhavior @princemisfit @raytrendyme @doublerbandz @iamelijahj
I love Mindless Behavior 😍
by MindlessAri October 18, 2014