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An American boy band that formed in 2008 and released their first single in 2010. They had two albums in the top 10 on Billboard so far and are working on a 3rd album with new member EJ that is supposed to have a new sound than their past music. They also have their own documentary called 'All Around The World' that was released in early 2013. The other film they have is Bad Behavior. The group consists of Princeton (Jacob Emmanuel Perez) <born on April 21, 1996> who is mainly Mexican and is the punk rocker and misfit. Ray 2wice (Ray ray) (Rayan Lopez) <born on January 6, 1996> he is the pretty boy and is more poetic and artistic. Roc Royal (Chresanto Romelo Lorenzo August) <born July 23, 1997> is the more bad boy, rebellious, thug type. EJ (Elijah Johnson) <June 24, 1997> is new and was on Kidz Bop and Broadway prior to MB. Prodigy (Craig Damion Crippin Jr.) <December 26, 1996> was the singer originally and was a chill, passionate member. All boys are very talented with other talents like: rapping, drawing, acting, fashion, instrument playing, writing and such. Outsiders Ink & 2wice Couture are their clothing lines. All of them have tattooes and/or piercings. They have a wide range of friends of all types and statuses. Twitter: @MindlessBhavior @PeacePunkPrince @trendy2wice @Royal3r @iamelijahj Instagram: @MindlessBhavior @princemisfit @raytrendyme @doublerbandz @iamelijahj
I love Mindless Behavior 😍
by MindlessAri October 18, 2014
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