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As of 2014 Mindless Behavior is a African American boy group.

Princeton- Afro/curly hair
Ray ray- two braids
Prodigy- (who apparently left the group on September 28th) blond shaved head.
EJ- (the replacement of Prodigy) shaved head...nothing really interesting YET
The boy group was put together by Walter Millsap and Keisha Gamble.
I live directioners and have nothing against One Directions or who they attract (fan wise) but there are some good things about Mindless Behavior that One Direction doesn't have like they can't dance. but One Direction does have a bigger fan base which make them more dominant in fan base wise. I would say that the Mindless Behavior group appeals to only African Americans but I feel like it's all over just like one direction :)
MBFAN: omfg I love Mindless Behavior so much I want to marry them!
ODFAN: whatever there not as big as one direction
MBFAN: mindless behavior is still the shit boo!
by KissDaTrueBootyBoo May 27, 2014
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