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An American boy band who has performed with other known artist such as Janet Jackson, the Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber. They consist of 4 boys who go by the names of Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton. Prodigy is best known as the lead singer and is well known to be inspired by Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. Prodigy has a very old-soul/humble type of outlook and carries his self very maturely. Roc Royal, or "Double R" is the rapper of the group. His style is more to be urban and new age with a hint of "thug" to it. Though, his personality is very goofy and outgoing. Ray Ray, who has many other nicknames such as "Ray 2wice" and/or "Dr.Loon" is the rapper/singer of the group. He is very artistic and blunt. Ray loves to share his vision of art, and express his self through fashion and poetry. Last but not least is Princeton! Princeton, known for his diverse afro, is the narrative speaker of Mindless Behavior, sometimes he will also sing. Best remembered for his loved inspirations such as John Lennon, Andy Warhol, David Bowie or Prince. Princeton has a very enthusiastic and loving personality, he loves to spread peace and love through fashion and what ever way he can. 3/4 of MB has their own clothing line. Prodigy, Ostrch Clothing. Ray Ray, APEX 2wice. Princeton, Outsiders Ink. Mindless Behavior has headlined two tours for their albums "#1 Girl" and "All Around The World" with more to come!
"Did you hear Mindless Behavior's new song?"
"Of course, they're all amazing!"
by 2wice September 15, 2013
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