2 definitions by Fernando'ssWifey !

a group of four amazing young man . they are best known as Prodigy , Roc Royal , RayRay , And Princeton . They Are Fine As Hell And Should Never EVER Wear Shirts . they have an album out called #1 girl so go buy it or your a queer . they believe all girls are beautiful . even if your ugly as hell . as long as your confident your beautiful . and even though they seem innocent they are ALL freaks . if you need to know more ... GOOGLE IT !
"gosh dang . look at them boys !"
"look at them? U with the fro ! IN MY PANTS!"
"dude ... chill mindless behavior is not all that"
"gtfo mindless behavior is this SHIT , STOP PISSIN!"
by Fernando'ssWifey ! November 21, 2011
An Amazing Blexican In A Young Singing Group Called Mindless Behavior ! He's Smart , Cute , And Talented ! His Favorite Color Is Green . His Birthday Is April 21st 1997 . He Loves John Lennon . When He Has On A Mustache , His Name Is Fernando . He's From L.A . His Dogs name Is Beans . His Real Name Is Jacob Emmanuel Perez . He LOVES NY .
by Fernando'ssWifey ! October 14, 2011