Gettin' yo ass beat at Crib and Pool so bad you be trippin'

Always crying Crippin
Last night at Josh's, he took a crippin from all the fellas. Was a sad sight.
by Santa all night long October 5, 2023
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The act of, or belonging to a Crip gang...also describes the lifestyle involved with being a Crip gang member..Living in the moment because tomorrow's not promised today..
It can also refer to "Bailin" wearing your colors and bandana swangin, like Crippin around the bklocc....
we aint diru dippin we steady C- Crippin
by Hoover Tek September 8, 2010
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The act of sagging your jeans bellow your bottom to let the other crip men know you are searching for a partner to bottom for.
DeShaun: yo cuz I’m crippin like a real G(ay), I hope Marquan notices I think he’s super cute.
by Laughing at morons July 22, 2021
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To be crippled/immobile in either a mental or physical state
Live fast die young. I'm here for a good time not a long time, better than cripping it up in an old folks home when I'm 65
by Toppdoggtom October 16, 2018
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verb-its the act of being a member of USA gang called the CRIPS and acting according to their rules
by COOL CRIP August 13, 2017
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When a crips doin his thang...Like c-walkin...cappin' slobs...and juss repin that good ole' blue flag......
Juss the otha day i saw crip's crippn
by Slob_K_420 October 28, 2003
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The act of being "gangsta" around white brethren. Could also be considered "co-crippin" if assisted by another caucasian male.
Chris: Yo lets get into some gangsta shit tonight.
Doug: Yo you be crippin' fellow white male? Thats not how you should be talking. Enunciate nigga.
Chris: Yeah yo lets call up Dave and co-crip
Doug: SEGA! (see also "sega")
by Co-Cripper October 16, 2009
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