The act of being stupid (lacking intelligence or common sense) when not meaning to,
"I want a twin thats the same age as me"
"Your Such a Minder
by NotAMinder April 04, 2014
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a muscle brain who defends/protects a criminal or shady operator from other criminals/shady operators and also does his employer's dirty work in general.
Smooth Arthur was defenceless when his minder got banged up for dishing out a little too much GBH.
by Bill Cranny December 16, 2003
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A person who constantly drifts off to places unknown, within the realm of their own mind. Usually, this person has A.D.D. or another disorder that renders them unable to pay attention.
"Hey, hey, in down front fat guy." No point in trying anymore to reach that minderer, he was off to places unknown.
by Biff Justice October 19, 2005
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Tinder for Muslims - dating app
I can't believe there's an app called Minder - Tinder for Muslims?!
by sajjyboy June 16, 2017
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The person you get to look after or 'mind' your stuff or 'shit' while you go to the bathroom or have to do another 5 minute errand.
Sarah: "Dude, I need to pee... can you mind my shit?"
Anthony: " Fuck you! I've had enough of being your shit minder!"
Sarah: "..."
by The last girl on earth March 02, 2011
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A reminder over text. Usually used between students, especially teenagers.
I had to send her a text-minder about buying a ticket for the dance! She's so forgetful!
by AliceCullenPixie June 01, 2009
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