Ricky: Yo I needa tell you something
Trey: aight man what's up

Chris: ayo what's happening?!
Ricky: mind your neck niggeh
by retro.KamaKAze February 07, 2017
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Shortened version of "mind your own business." What you would tell to someone giving unwanted advice or butting in a debate/argument that has nothing to do with them.
1. Mom A. "Why do you feed your baby FORMULA??!! That's like feeding her poison!!!"

Mom B. At least I can FEED my baby. Shut up and mind your own.
by umakemesick September 22, 2015
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fotball term, protect your own goal. Written in a fotball novel.
Mind your house! That wanker over there had been roaring that since the start of the match. He probably didn’t even know what it meant, the stupid oul’ bollix. The ball was down at the Barry town goal, about the first time it had gone in that direction in the second half.
by Tombe November 26, 2006
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Worrying about anyone but yourself
"Girl did you hear.."

"You need to be minding your business!"
by pettyparms May 11, 2017
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a amazing new word for people who hates saying 'willies' and 'penis'- who are now pleased that this word has been created.
'oh he has a big mind your gentleman'

it can also be used for when a guy erects and your like 'AHH -mind your gentleman...' letting him to look down and note himself he's too happy.
by everyonejustRELAX July 17, 2008
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