The making of one's mind to feel numb, usually incurred by something either horribly boring or stupid. In the same way that your hand may go numb should you lay on your arm too long, and cut off blood circulation, the mind goes numb if you cut off relevant information for an extended period of time
I was listening to Fox News' mind numbing propaganda and nearly lost my mind today.
by TCT January 13, 2008
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The term that describes the dull, drowsy, lethargic feeling a woman experiences after the act of skull fucking.
After Kim laid down her head on her pillow after Thurston released his balls into her skull, she called her best friend and described the experience as truly mind numbing.
by brainbutter February 17, 2010
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Act of watching/doing something that is particularly easy and requires very little brain power. ie: social media
by Grimydefwords February 24, 2017
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