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an extreme optimist. the sun may be entering its red giant phase and may have already engulfed mercury then venus but it will be a milind who will simply smile and be the first one to say "don't worry, we still have a few billion years..."!
you lost your house yesterday to the irs, money this morning to a bank robber, and clothes just now to a stronger-than-you bum. and you are smiling? man, you're such a milind!
by anony mous 200401 February 19, 2010
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A boy's name in Sanskrit meaning:
1. bumble bee
2. one who seeks nectar (i.e., essence of things)
3. Indian name of an ancient Indo-Greek king known as Menander who ruled in the northwestern India between 165-130 BCE and became a Buddhist
His name is Milind
by anonyymouse March 04, 2010
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