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When you have done nothing all day or are being lazy. It is to imply that your lack of movement, has caused mold or mildew to start growing on your body.
Friend 1: "Hey, what are you up to?"
Friend 2: "Not much, just mildewing"
by Bambieticklejugs September 13, 2019
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This is the feelings/state of mind/state of being that a person experiences as they begin detoxing off of crystal meth. Whether they are quitting by choice or by an act of an arrested or sleeping connection, this feeling describes the feeling of your brain, therefore controlling all of your physical, emotional, and altered feelings about anything.
I bet Rhonda is still mildewing since she was arrested two months ago. All her and Rob did was consume crystal meth, plot on people, and steal from innocent people, so she deserves it.
by U_Know_Me July 22, 2008
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