1. When you see a puppy that is really cute that you want to squeeze the life right out of it.

2. Not being able to control yourself around a cute puppy.

Related to Cute Baby Syndrome
1. Person: (petting a cute puppy a little too vigorously and hugging it)
Puppy's Owner: Okayyy, get away from my dog, weirdo.

2. Person 1: Such a cute puppy! (playing with puppy while making several inappropriate sounds. Dog may be licking face or trying to run away)
Person 2: I think you have Cute Puppy Syndrome
by sbear October 19, 2010
Usually something you say when you are speechless or don't want to say, "Omg" or "Oh my god/gosh!"
Make sure to say it loudly to get peoples attention, it works for most people, if your a socialy awkward then this is nothing but a computer message, cause if you use this then people won't.... Whatever...
"Who do you think is better, me or Jessi?" Cathy said.
"Yea whose better?" Jessi answered.
"....." Kaelyn paused speechlessly, "CUTE PUPPY."
by Sickapple Nation February 21, 2016
A euphemism for any online discussion which seemed relevant and important at the time, but has now become buried in the noise of other discussions and is now mostly forgotten.
"Did we ever decide which format to go with for those new TPS reports?" "Not really, I think that got eclipsed by the cute puppy photo."
by tertbel July 18, 2019