Someone with great intelligence and beauty; great hair; great charisma, and is a king around women. Usually has an enormous dick, and leads a life as a leader of friends. Very popular, and is like a God.
"Look, it's Isak! He's so hot! And he got into Harvord!"
by boiim8 March 9, 2017
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Someone of astonishing beauty and intelligence, Has many friends and likes to play video games. Caring and loving person with great humour.
“Is that Isak over there? Oh he’s so funny and cool!”
by Some people suck, September 13, 2020
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Someone of astonishing beauty and intelligence, who leads a secret life as a dangerous ninja.
"You're no Isak, that's for sure!"
by sb1 November 27, 2004
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Isak is a man that you can trust and become great friends with. he’s loyal, caring and funny. Isak will always be your friend no matter what.
Man 1 “hey is that Isak over there?”
Man 2 “Oh yeah that’s him! Oh he’s so funny and caring.”
Man 1 “Let’s go talk to Isak!”
Man 2 “Okay cool!”
by Some people suck, September 13, 2020
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A very sexy guy who always has a choppa on him. Everyone likes him. He got a very big dick. He got endless of money and is doing very good in life.
Girl: omg that is Isak
Other girl: OMFG
by scumgangbigchoppa November 18, 2018
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A male usually with a massive penis, good at video games, does a bunch of drugs (Weed, Molly, LSD, etc.) gets a lot of girls, and is always DTF.
Person 1: Yesterday Isak hooked up with like three girls, and he was high the entire time!
Person 2: Yep, that Isak for you
by Zolton_The_Meme_Man October 29, 2018
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An Isak is a unique person who looks like a nerd on the outside, but is the flyest motherfucker on the inside, while living in an environment that he doesn’t belong, an Isak can always find a way to be accepted by one group or another. An Isak will not hesitate to speak out against anything he may disagree with, and will get in a fight just for the way it shapes him as a person. The nerd in him doesn’t come from nowhere. His IQ is 128 and while getting average grades, his intellect allows him to acquire any skill and sharpen his mind with every lesson. In most cases, an Isak will not care about being judged when he knows what his future holds for him, and that one day, anyone who judges him unnecessarily will probably be getting a lower salary, if one at all. An Isak is a musical genius and a lyrical rapper, which some people might not know. An Isak wears whatever he pleases no matter who cares. Whether it be a traditional Kazakh hat or a thick iced Cuban chain, an Isak always looks good in the outfit. An Isak is proud of his ethnicity and being unique scores well with the girls. An Isak is not perfect though, and leaves it to himself to fix any problems in his way. That is an Isak. Unique, tough, but kind hearted.
Damn is that Isak? He be drippin!”
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