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A kickass lead guitarist and backup vocalist for the band My Chemical Romance with the epic fro on his head. Oh, and he's just as hot as any other band member and anyone who says anything different is just jelaous.
Ray Toro pwns.
by FROpowerFangirl July 18, 2011
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Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz (more commonly known as Ray Toro) is the lead guitarist and a backing vocalist for My Chemical Romance, a well-known band from Newark, New Jersey. He's commonly known for his amazing skills on guitar and the fact that he has a large afro on his head. Ray is of Puerto Rican descent and was born on July 15, 1977 in Kearny, New Jersey. He plays Gibson Les Paul guitars with Seymour Duncan pickups, with Marshall amplifiers.
Ray Toro is the amazingly talented guitarist for an amazingly talented band. Get over yourselves, kids.
by Katieeeee March 02, 2008
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Guitarist//backup vocalist of My Chemical Romance. Has nice, fleecy hair .. on his head.
Person: Which member of My Chemical Romance are you?
Person: Where's the rest of your band?
RAY TORO: They are nesting in my hair.
by .. RAY TORO April 03, 2005
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Ray Toro is a cool guitarist from the greatest band ever my chemical romance. He is lead guitar and has a sexy fro.
People say he's not as sexy as the other guys, but they dont realise how fucking wrong they are!! he is sooooo hot!!! his fro just adds to the sexifullness...:)BEST GUITARIST IN THE WORLD!! (the other guys are sexy too).
Ray Toro is just so great it makes me very happy!
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Born in Kearny, New Jersey on July 15, 1977. Ray Toro is a guitarist for the amazing band My Chemical Romance. Ray had a key role in the founding of the band. Ray knew Gerard Way(vocals) and Mikey Way(bass)in highschool. Ray is an amazing guitarist, and is an important member in the band. Ray's gear includes a Gibson SG Special.

My Chemical Romance
Ray Toro is the talented guitarist in the amazing band My Chemical Romance.
by ~noone~ August 17, 2005
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the guitarist/backup vocals of my chemical romance....the one with the hot ass fro
Ray Toro sings backup vocals in the song helena
by Michelle Gardner November 12, 2005
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