The bassist in MCR, who DOES NOT have asthma . In "I'm not Okay (I promise)" he took a fake inhaler, he doesn't really have asthma! Anyways, he's an awesome bassist with lightening fingers. He left college to be in his brothers (Gerard Way) band, and we all love him for it.
The band consists of Mikey Way, Frank Iero (rhythmic guitar), Ray Toro (guitar), Bob Bryar (drums) and of course Gerard Way (vocals).
by XxX_jenn_XxX February 02, 2008
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Bassist for band My Chemical Romance, and brother of vocalist, Gerard Way. From what I've gathered of fans, Mikey Way seems to be some sort of icon for nerds with asthma, despite the fact he doesn't even have asthma.
'I don't actually have asthma, but I'll be happy to sign your inhalers.' - Mikey Way
by Gingus September 19, 2010
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How Mikey Way (bassist) from My Chemical Romance signs his name on MCR's myspace bulletins.

Fans often spell his name in that way.
I saw MCR in concert and Mikeyway was awesome!
by Jacqui-Dee May 16, 2008
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Mikey Way is the Bass player for the most amazing and life saving band ever, My Chemical Romance. He is the YOUNGER brother of Gerard Way and came up with the name for the band.He had lasik eye surgery and no longer wears glasses and he suffered a break down during the making of TBP and became depressed, he got help though and now hes all good...Thank god.... because MCR would be nuthin without him! He is married to Alicia Simmons.
Mikey Way is Freaking SEXY!!! i love him to death and he is so talented!....*fangirl moment over*
And... NO.... HE DOES NOT have asthma!
Confused fan: " Mikey Way has asthma thats why he used to never jump on stage"

Me: *Slaps em on the face*
by cookies4everyone June 01, 2007
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Bassist Of My Chemical Romance. A true emo nerd. In an anthrax shirt.
Mikey Way is the sex
by mcr rule April 22, 2005
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Mikey is the bass player for My Chemical Romance. His brother is Gerard Way(the lead singer). He lives on coffee. He has asthma, but he smokes. For a nerd he is pretty hot, but then again I like nerds...
"Ahhhhhhhhhh my inhaler!!"-Mikey way! (He said in an excited voice!)
by alicejane152 August 07, 2005
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The bassist for MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE...He is the total SMEX! in tight, little, girly emo jeans and a tight anthrax shirt...HE IS THE LOVE!!

He is the younger brother of Gerard Way, the singer and frontman of "MCR"
by Kirstyn July 12, 2005
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