A vain yet hilarious man portrayed by Noel Fielding on the BBC TV show The Mighty Boosh. Most famous for his hairstyle and boots but also for his humour and the fact every indie girl who reads NME fanices the pants off him.
That girl looks like Vince Noir with that trendy mullet.

It's impossible to be unhappy in a poncho.
by Lott August 6, 2006
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Vince Noir is a character portrayed by English mega-comedian Noel Fielding. Vince is a mix of awesomeness and hair awesomeness, two awesomenessess which rarely, if ever meet. His show counter part is a similarly awesome man called Howard Moon, Howard is somewhat jealous of Vince always taking it a step over whatever Howard does.
Vince Noir:My hairs an intrinsic ingredient to this show.
Howard Moon: Do you really need 15 people working on it at any one time?
V: Atleast, 2 for fringe, 1 for feathering, 1 for height, circumference.
H: Circumference?
V: yes hair cicrumference, theres alot to think about with hair. If my barnet doesnt look good people get furious, they tune out immediately.
H:I think you underestimate the power of my acting to hold a crowd.
V:I dont think so.
H:I dont need funny little hair-do to do that. I do my own hair.
V: Council does your hair.
by John Beefburger October 9, 2007
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one of the main characters off of The Mighty Boosh. sexy walk..*stare*

well known for his hair, which changes colour after the first season. funny as hell and co-contibutor to the crimp. loves gary numan.
check out that crimping vince noir and howard moon do on the boosh.

"The tie's a multi purpose accessory, y'know, belt, school boy, Rambo. "
by calmallamadown May 16, 2009
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