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A failed writing exercise of Stephenie Meyer's. In an attempt to prove wrong the critics who claimed she could not write a less imaginative and original book than Twilight and because she ran out of ideas for 'new' stories and she wanted to squeeze every last drop of money out of the Twilight franchise, Meyer decided to simply rewrite the original book from a different point of view, hiding her greed and lack of originality by calling it a 'character development' exercise which 'got out of hand'. This of course is false as it implies that Edward Cullen, the one-dimensional protagonist of this exercise, has a character to be developed.

The exercise was abandoned when an incomplete draft was leaked and, tragically, Meyer felt it was too 'huge a violation of my rights as an author, not to mention me as a human being' to continue. Read: she realised there was no money left in it. Some people contend that the readers of the Twilight franchise are so mentally retarded they would have bought copies anyway.
Meyer claimed Midnight Sun 'adds a new dimension to the Twilight story'. Considering how one-dimensional the original tale is you'd think this was achievable, but apparently not for her..
by spacer_ June 14, 2010
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Another one of Stephanie Meyer's so-called 'projects.'

Was halted in mid-production due by the grace of the Mormon god because it was leaked online. This saved millions of poor souls from hearing how horny Edward the sparkly stalker fuck-her-in-her-sleep virgin vampire was for the past 190 years.

Stephanie Meyer has halted the book for an indefinite period of time just so she could fuck with all the twilight fan's heads. This was really all a sham so that Meyer could steal more of the brainwashed kid's money and suck their blood so she could feel closer to her sparkly fictional rapist.
logic: STFU. /KILLS
by yourmomzzzzzzz. August 23, 2009
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A book that is currently being written by stephanie Meyer. I guess you could call it book number 1 1/2 in her series. It is her first book, Twilight, from one of the main charector's Edward Cullen (a vampire) point of view. All of us Twilight Junkies can't wait for it to come out so please.... Stephanie if you're reading this, forget The Host (another book she wrote) and finish up Midnight Sun!
Crystal- When is Midnight Sun coming out?
Becca- I don't know, I'm not done with Twilight Yet.
Brittany and Crystal- What?!
~*~*~*~*~ 2 days later......~*~*~*~*~*~
Becca- I can't believe you two tied me to a chair and read all four books to me!
Brittany- That's what friends are for.
by Chrystmas Card July 03, 2008
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A song written by AFI which is a hidden track on their (astounding) album Black Sails In The Sunset.

Will soon need to find a new name if Stephanie Meyer's 'book' Midnight Sun goes through.
Actually, AFI could keep the name Midnight Sun for the song, so the twilight fangirls will find and hear it and get a taste of some good music
by callofcowthulu June 25, 2010
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A book by author Stephenie Meyer that is 'Twilight' in Edward Cullen's point of view. The book is currently on hold indefinitely due to a internet leak. However, Stephenie has posted the first 12 chapters of the partial draft on her website so her fans do not feel obligated to not read what has been leaked.
OMG! Midnight Sun is on Stephenie Meyer's website!!!

Yeah only part of it...
by RenesmeeCullen November 20, 2008
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Said to be the novel Twilight written from the character perspective of Edward Cullen.

Unfortunately copies of the midnight sun unfinished manuscript were released on the internet. distraught by the news, Meyer decided to put the production of midnight sun on hold "indefinitely". and in order to cure fans of their "guilt" of reading it illegally, she decided to put copies of the manuscript on her website.

This novel offers a different side to the story of Edward Cullen. Now all the bullshit pessimist who believed that Edward Cullen had no life and was too obsessed with Bella can shut the fuck up after reading midnight sun.
Example #1

dumbass: "i read twilight, it was good but Edward Cullen loves Bella too much".
genius: "did you read midnight sun"?
dumbass: "no but-"
genius: "well shut the fuck up because you don't know what the fuck you're talking about"!

Example #2

Genius #2: i had no idea Edward had life, thank god im not an ignorant asshole and that i took the time to read midnight sun to gain a little perspective.
by TrinityLife September 15, 2008
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Referring to Edward's super love towards Bella from twilight. Also like anyone's super love.
by sunnyperson December 20, 2008
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