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The "shortened" version of McDonald's, even though you're not saving any syllables.

Mickey D's = 3 syllables
McDonalds's = 3 syllables

Fuck McDonald's. Let's go to In-N-Out instead.
by their food tastes like shit December 18, 2004
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Message: "i'm free this afternoon so come over and fuck me senseless, my parents will be out all day"
Recipient: Mum
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A slang term for McDonald's. McDonalds was created by Richard and Maurice 'Mac' McDonald in San Bernardino, CA in 1948. They were later bought out by a man named Ray Kroc, who turned McDonald's into its current incarnation. The McDonald brothers renamed their restaraunt 'The Big M', and Ray Kroc opened a McDonalds's across the street from it. He ran the McDonald brothers out of business.
If anyone actually knew what McDonald's has done to become the corporate giant it is now, they would spit on the food, which would probably make it cleaner.
by Mikey G November 10, 2003
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the lazy version of mcdonald's.

beacause it's just so hard to say the whole fricken word.
let's go to Mickey D's.( it's hard to give an example for this one)
by <3Sidney May 18, 2005
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Trademarked by McDonalds back in 82. It was a time when HipHop, Breakdancing, and Rap was making it's debut on a national level. Mickey D's is McDonalds lame attempt at catering to urban pop culture. Can't find anyone who actually calls it that. LOL
McDonalds is lame.....
Yo, let's go to Mickey D's! Boyeee!
by BasKing in the glory of myself! December 17, 2004
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This nickname for McDonald's was actually invented by the financial industry to avoid confusion between military contractor McDonnell Douglas (now owned by Boeing) and McDonald's.

McDonald's ticker symbol is "MCD", which can be pronounced "Mickey D's"
My client wants to buy shares of MCD! (pronounced "Mickey D's")
by redblade77 October 07, 2010
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