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1.) The most beautiful things in the world.
2.) Slang term referring to the mammary glands of females (and sometimes males).
3.) The TRUE best stuff on earth
4.) An expression used by many to convey happiness, elation, and excitement.
1.) I love me some titties.
2.) See them titties?
3.) Man, those are some great titties.
4.) Titties!
by Mikey G September 12, 2003

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Pretty much all of you are wrong. George W. Bush did NOT come up with this term, and neither did McDonald's. It was created by Rep.Bob Ney, R-Ohio, in a fat-headed Republican attempt to discredit the French. Without them, however, we would not have the Statue of Liberty, and America would be a BRITISH PROVINCE.
Anyone who is complacent about the creation of this ridiculous phrase is a mental midget.
by Mikey G October 06, 2003

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The funniest, most shocking, and relevant show on television. Incorporates all aspects of comedy, though it is less scatalogical than it used to be. To idiots, this is a bad thing and it automatically disqualifies South Park as a relevant sociopolitical voice. But the same people who write off South Park are the ones who don't care about the world around them.
South Park is the most clever show on television.
by Mikey G October 15, 2003

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A slang term for McDonald's. McDonalds was created by Richard and Maurice 'Mac' McDonald in San Bernardino, CA in 1948. They were later bought out by a man named Ray Kroc, who turned McDonald's into its current incarnation. The McDonald brothers renamed their restaraunt 'The Big M', and Ray Kroc opened a McDonalds's across the street from it. He ran the McDonald brothers out of business.
If anyone actually knew what McDonald's has done to become the corporate giant it is now, they would spit on the food, which would probably make it cleaner.
by Mikey G November 10, 2003

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What the universe can be broken down to at its basest form. One of the most frustrating topics EVER, but when one is able to grasp its complexities, can see the inner workings of nearly EVERYTHING.
Math is friggin' tough, but we all wish we had the ability to see it like John Nash.
by Mikey G October 21, 2003

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Usually a random formation of homosexual-looking young lads in groups of four or five. Generally organized by overweight older men to satisfy their pedophilic tendencies. Often are confused with talented people.
MTV introDOUCHED another Boy Band on that vile, demonic, 1984-ish TRL.
by Mikey G October 09, 2003

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Probably the wittiest set of books known to man. Douglas Adams, of the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame, had he been more prolific, would have nearly matched the wit of the Discworld's author, Terry Pratchett. A greatly amusing set of stories.
The best character in all of Discworld is the Luggage.
by Mikey G November 17, 2003

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