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Michael Cera IS the sexiest man on the planet. He has appeared in a plethora of movies, and even though people say he only plays one character, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!! Look at Magic Magic, THAT'S A HORROR MOVIE!!! I say don't mess with perfection and why complain if he is unbelievably sexy in all?!?!
James: I don't really like any of Michael Cera's movies

The rest of society: *performs ritual sacrifice to the almighty god Michael Cera, he is force fed grape juice until his pee turns purple and he poops are a healthy brown color, then he is filled up air and used as a hot air balloon at the annual Cerafest (kinda like Coachella, but a billion times better)
by jesseceralover June 9, 2021
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Jesse Eisenberg is the name of the sexiest man alive. He is jesus reincarnated. If someone tells you that Jesse looks like a monkey then they should not be on this planet.
You: I’m hot
Me: no Jesse Eisenberg is hot
by jesseceralover June 7, 2021
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