3 definitions by Jpawzing

She is one of the nicest girls you will ever meet, but don't ever say that; let her keep her "doesn't give a fuck" attitude. She is an amazing person on the inside and out with an amazing sense of humor. She can be a little perverted at times with her friends, but that is why they love her. She is truly a beautiful girl but thinks very poorly of herself. She is more intelligent than athletic, but if competition arises she will not lose. She is great girlfriend material and just wants to kiss, cuddle, and spend time with you.
Guy 1: That girl must be a Natalie. She is just so beautiful.
Guy 2: I want to get myself a Natalie.
by Jpawzing February 05, 2019
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What your girlfriend would most likely text you if she is mad or annoyed at you for no reason.
by Jpawzing February 05, 2019
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Sounds like the football type of person. He is athletic, funny, and an overall perfect human. He has a lot of friends, and many people look up to him. He sees what's inside of people rather than what is on the outside. Many girls like him, but if he has one girl in mind he will make sure he gets her. He loves to kiss, cuddle, hold hands, and is a total romantic. If he likes you, hold on to him. He sees you for you no matter how much of a naked mole rat you may look.
Girl 1: Wait was the Gabe Brinkman who just talked to you?
Girl 2: Yeah, he is such an amazing person. I wish he would like me.
by Jpawzing February 05, 2019
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