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1: An indecisive man that uses women

2: Someone who publicly dumps someone

He pulled a Mesnick when he bounced between girlfriends (reference from "The Bachelor" Jason Mesnick
by Itiswhatitis45 March 02, 2009
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When you are dumped by a significant other, only to find out that they are going to ask another person out right they dump you. Bonus points if it is a friend or their ex.
Oh damn, did you hear about Mandy and John? He dumped her to start dating his ex again. She got mesnicked.


You know when I stopped dating Bob for Julio? Well, I may have to mesnick Julio, because Bob's looking hot right now.
by minime13 March 11, 2009
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1) noun: A deceiver, especially a man who charms others and then is revealed as a fraud.

2) verb: To deceive through false charm.
He mesnicked all the viewers of the show when he pretended to be 'Mr. Nice Guy' and then dumped his girlfriend for another woman. (reference from "The Bachelor" Jason Mesnick)
by antibachelor March 04, 2009
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