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name of historical/mythical wizard and mentor of King Arther. Also known as the Welsh Bard and was of the old religions, pagan/druidic. Advisor to the King he creatated and guide to the secret path.
And Merlyn bid him draw the sword forth from the stone.....
by merlyn major January 06, 2005
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Catching a Merlyn is better than catching a Tala or even a Kristen. Merlyn is a hard one to catch but it is worth it. I guess.
Look!!! I found a Merlyn!!!
by Wacky One June 15, 2018
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Merlyn? He's such a huge dick. He has a twisted sense of humor and loves practical jokes and making fun of people. He often keeps a straight face but that just hides his childish nature underneath. He can hardly be described as the touchy feely type because he rarely gets emotional. Aside his many flaws he's such a charmer. Handsome, smart and full of sweet talk. He often prefers to be in the company of boys but will pick a girl over them on any day. Unfortunately, he's a ladies man and the girls dig him. They don't realise the mess their getting themselves into. He's a loyal friend and is dependable. He can do anything he sets his mind to. He loves music and is a good vocalist, but a bad dancer. He has a lot of potential really but just hasn't realised it yet
by Peter James John October 25, 2018
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Merlyn is one of a kind. He's smart handsome and great with the ladies. He loves to hang out with friends but has a dark sense of humour. He is often tagged as the ladies man. He rarely reveals his emotions and smiles less in unfamiliar territory most people view him as tough. He is quite confident and can handle himself in any kind of high pressured situation. He might find it hard to commit in a relationship due to his carefree attitude but once he does, he's a keeper. He can also tend to be lazy at times but he is passionate about the things he loves. He is a music fan and probably likes to listen to love songs and country music. If you have got yourself a Merlyn, you are one lucky individual.
Merlyn is a rare breed
by Peter James John October 22, 2018
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