To vomit copiously & ferociously until fully evacuated. Resembling the Merlion - the official mascot of Singapore
Sam was in such a state on the trails the other day, he Merlioned all over himself and his bike!
by L.Piere June 11, 2021
To spit out a liquid due to intense laughter.
He merlioned me, so i milk merlioned him back
by The agar \_/ BACFORD July 28, 2016
The mascot for the city of Singapore.

Also known as the Vomiting Lion.
What's that?

That's the Merlion. It vomits water. Such a waste.
by geek96boolean10@deviantart August 23, 2012
Merlion- a Merlion is a hybrid cross between a male lion ( panthera leo) and a human. because of it's parents are of diffrent genes, the merlion inherets traits from both parents as well as a genetic mutation which causes it to hump anything in sight. that is all.
Girl 1:"Why is she so fucking weird"

Girl 2: "Shes a merlion. What did you expect."
by symb&kriz May 14, 2010
The merlion is a hybrid between a lion and a fish. In Singapore, there is a merlion statue / fountain which expels water from its mouth into the sea. It is a national attraction and an icon that attracts lots of tourists everyday.

'to do the merlion' is a term to describe people who vomits non-stop in a violent nature - similar to what the merlion which 'pukes' out tons of water every second.

Usually meant to describe people who pukes for long duration after excessive drinking or encountering something extremely offensive.
After the dinner and all that alcohol, John did the merlion in the toilet the entire night

Realizing he had actually swallowed his best friend's semem in a stupid prank he did the merlion
by tengatango sextoys December 18, 2010
To spit someone’s ejaculate back onto them after they have reached completion in your mouth.
I merlioned him.
I’m really good at the merlion.
by cursedlikefuck September 25, 2020