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Thundercats is one of the highest rated cartoons that came from the eighties. The cartoon was based on a large group of human shaped members of the cat family. On the island that they had to leave, Thundera, they were royalty and in leaving the planet they left all that they knew. They landed on a planet called Third Earth were they set up their new lives.
The Thundercats were not alone on the island. There was an evil mummy called Mumm-ra who with the help of his evil henchmen wanted to rule Third Earth and wanted to destroy the Thundercats. Lion-o, the leader of the Thundercats, took charge and with the help of his magic sword of Omens defended the plant and saved the other inhabitants from the evil rule of Mumm-ra.
by Mc Ian October 31, 2003
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While engaged in back door intercourse, your female partner expels moist dirty air from her anus causing a freckle effect upon your abdomen and lower torso resembling leopard spots. Hence THUNDERCAT!!
Jason was banging Michele doggie style last Saturday night after she had a bad sammich. Michele got so worked up she dusted him with a Thundercat.
by Hotpiswhisker March 05, 2019
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Thundercat: the youngest people in a group
"Shall we invite the Thundercats to my mate Daves patry?"

"Nah they know nothing about Led Zep, best leave the Thundercats at home"
by Stoling Rone March 21, 2010
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Massively popular cartoon of the eighties. The only better cartoon was masters of the universe. Following a similar style to MOTU, Thundercats delivered some interesting storylines, and also tought the viewers a sense of morality. Something the power rangers generation didn't get.


Thundercats! Hoooooooooo!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 21, 2004
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Thundercats was an American animated television series developed by Rankin/Bass. It aired 1985-1990 & then had a run on cable television's Cartoon Network 1997-2002. Thundercats were a race of cat-like humans, each named according to what type of cat it represented: Liono was lion-like, Cheetarah was cheetah-like, Pumara was puma-like, etc... They were from a planet called "Thundera" which was destroyed. Only a handfull of their race survived & travelled to a new planet they called "New Thundera", but it was also sparsely populated by half animal, half man creatures such as beastman, monkeyman, hyenaman, etc... The thundercats arch nemesis however, was an evil humanoid mummy called "Mum-ra". Their catch-phrase was "Thundercats, HO!"
As in: "Remember that Thundercats cartoon from the 80's? I thought it was pretty cool back then."
by Jimmy Freakin Neutron August 07, 2006
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