Acronym standing for 'Bye For Now'.

Used as an abbreviated ending to correspondence.
by Zuel May 05, 2003
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A term used by teenagers and maoris to call another "Big For Nothing"
Person 1: "Why you such a bfn"
Person 2: You ain't even skuxx g
by ZzKurtzZ April 24, 2010
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A way of saying "Butt Fuck Nowhere" that usually sparks someone to say "What's BFN?" which forces you to say "Butt Fuck Nowhere".
Girl 1: Wow, where are we? We should have asked for directions cause now were in BFN.

Girl 2: BFN? Whats that mean?

Girl 1: Butt Fuck Nowhere, don't you know anything?
by HeepsOfWords March 17, 2011
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BIG FOR NOTHING -pronounced as beefin-girl or guy who thinks they are all that but are big with no muscles- commonly used in the slang of teens and young adults in new zealand.
hey he's hot

(laughs) he's got a mud body, why are you into bfn boys for ae
by MadBaggage January 28, 2012
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