To murder ones parents in the manner of Lyle and Erik Menendez. Used by Tracy Jordan in "30 Rock."
Tracy Jordan: I had a Japanese sex doll made of myself so my kids would murder it instead of me, so I can escape — un-Menendezed!
by lizlemler December 13, 2009
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A very handsome man

One of the Menendez brothers who killed there parents because of sexual abuse

But Erik and his brother Lyle are not killers they never were they just know at that time it whas kill or be killed
Erik menendez is one of the most hottest prisoners ever!!!!
by Ans vorster January 28, 2021
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Killing parents, matricide or patricide.

Based on the Menendez brothers, Lyle and Erik, who killed their parents in 1989 with shotguns. They were not originally suspects until their lack of grief and spending almost $1 million in the first six months after their parents death became suspicious.
"My mother said she will ground me if I don't clean my room tonight. I swear to God I am about to pull a Menendez."
by puzzleattack October 20, 2008
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A guy who (along with his brother Lyle) committed homicide on his parents as a result of chronic sexual abuse and was defending for his life. Although it is tempting to label it as manslaughter, the planning was 100% deliberate and thus a first-degree homicide.

Has somehow managed to become the idol of every TikTok zoomer as of lately.
Boomers: Fuck Erik Menendez, filthy scumbag who killed his own parents!!!

by UltimateDoge July 29, 2021
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Has something to do with murder, possibly patricide/matricide. The phrase has been used in tv shows like Gilmore Girls and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.
The murder suspect confessed that he'd told the victim's daughter he'd pull a Menendez for her.
by Alisha272 March 4, 2008
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A girl that gets and hangs with older guys and can get good good hot dick but then becomes an idiot and sometimes gives the ugly ones a chance
Oh my god that girl is literally so fine didnt she used to be with that super hot kid why is she was that ugly ass right now?

That girl must be Julietta Menendez
by yoniggie February 2, 2021
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high school located in the northeast part of florida. worst school in florida. full of druggies and racist country kids and emo bitches. everyone smells and they suck at every sport. if you go here you probably do cocaine and you're most likely a low life. FUCK PEDRO
hey what school do you go to?

i go to pedro menendez high school.
ohhh so youre a faggot
by i hate pedro September 3, 2021
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