killing your mom. Yeah, just killing your mom. Your birth mom. Yeah, you stab you're mom its matricide. You choke her, it's also matricide. Hey emo kids, now you go write in your blogs about commiting matricide because your mom "doesn't get you". yeah, now you don't have to call it "killing my mom". yep.
Dude, Matricide. I need seven more letters.
by freekin gay kid May 8, 2006
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Matricide is the act of killing one's mother.
In the movie Psycho Norman Bates committed matricide by killing his own mother because she was constantly meddling, screaming and calling all his girlfriends sluts and dirty. What was even more freaky, is that after he buried her, he began to miss her, so he dug her back up again and pretended that she was still alive by dressing up as her and pretending that he was her. Norman also kept her corpse fresh with taxidermy and whenever he was let out of the nuthouse he would constantly dig his mother up to be with her.
by The Moody Poet January 21, 2007
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