It is the 1 school in the United States full of nice respectful kids who are great at sports. If you are thinking about going to this school you should.
Pedro menendez high school is the 1 school in United States northeast of Florida
by Ss Chan set September 9, 2021
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To go on a hateful killspree, particularly on one's parents. Derived from the infamous Menendez brother murders ca. 1996.
"Dad, if you keep on drinking tequila and beating up grandma, I'll go all Menendez on your ass."
by waitsfan75 April 26, 2006
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A guy who (along with his brother Lyle) committed homicide on his parents as a result of chronic sexual abuse and was defending for his life. Although it is tempting to label it as manslaughter, the planning was 100% deliberate and thus a first-degree homicide.

Has somehow managed to become the idol of every TikTok zoomer as of lately.
Boomers: Fuck Erik Menendez, filthy scumbag who killed his own parents!!!

by UwUltimateDoge August 21, 2021
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someone who financially benefits from familicide - little is known about the origin of menendez syndrome

What is unique about menendez syndrome is that the benefit is at face value and on the surface but the related actions have gone completely unnoticed
Oh, did you hear how much money Mike's crowdfunding earned after his loved one was killed by that maniac? There were only nineteen armed police that could have put a stop to Mike getting a nice bit on that tragedy. If I said I suspect menendez syndrome, would you doubt it or agree? Oh, do you remember those two? The brothers, right? I'll say, they might have been real good chaps if they hadn't been put to trial and made to spend life in that place! They might have spent their money real well and been good police. If they hadn't gotten convicted of familicide. I can't remember their name. Chinga
by Sir H. C. Notneb May 30, 2022
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