(n.) the ability to recall "old" internet memes
Guy 1- "You ever drink Bailey's from a shoe?"
Guy 2- "Piss off Old Gregg!"
Guy 1- "Nice meme-ory, dude. Most kids these days haven't seen that shit."
by Da Sperminator January 22, 2011
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Old, predominantly defunct Memes fleetingly resurrected in modern day conversation.
"The moment the T-Rex reappears and starts chasing the car gives me chills to this day."

"It wasn't chasing the car, it was running from Chuck Norris."

"Ah, memeories."
by rianwudkok March 30, 2015
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The act of creating and/or posting and reposting memes.
The bulletin board was cluttered with various memes, which James would post several times a day. I grew to despise his excessive memeory.
by Sassafrass Grove November 08, 2017
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a memory expressed through meme; the medium is the message in the sense that it must be a meme-worthy memory in the court of public opinion
babe I had a dream last night about when we first met, I woke up and wrote it down in my memeory journal. Check it out . . . it's kinda lika lady and the tramp -- dibs on "tramp"!
via giphy
by guybguyb1 December 06, 2016
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Noun. Linked to the verb 'to rememeber'

The faculty by which the brain stores memes.
My photo gallery has been wiped I'll have to resort to memeory.
by DarkKnight932 February 08, 2017
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When you create a meme that contains a short memory you want to see forever in meme form.
“I created a meme-ory of us from that video we took at the mountain.”
by Sixty-Six May 26, 2018
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