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A combination of “mayo” + “retard”.

A derogatory term used to describe bigoted- or otherwise racist, ignorant, unpleasant, oppressive Caucasian individuals.

Derived from the term “mayo”- uncommon slang used to describe white people- Mayotard is an insult for abhorrent white people.
Person #1: White pride! All lives matter! Black lives matter is a terrorist organization!
Person #2: Looks like we found the mayotard.

Person #1: American is the greatest country in the world!
Person #2: Typical mayotard.

Person #1: Hyper-consumerism is great for the economy!
Person #2: Mayotards don’t get to speak.

Person #1: Urbanization is beneficial for all.
Person #2: You don’t deserve rights, mayotard.
by Myusernameisyourusername March 29, 2021
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An outdated meme or trend that brings back pleasant and/or unpleasant memories.

A meme or trend that brings back memories.
Friend 1#: Hey, do you remember the Harlem shake?
Friend 2#: Oh yeah! That brings back some good Memeories.
Friend 3#: Also, do you remember the dab?
Friend 2#: Oh god. That brings back some bad Memeories.
by Myusernameisyourusername August 1, 2018
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Female equivalent of “Small Dick Energy”, Small Tit Energy is a phrase used to describe females with a sense of entitlement and extreme cockiness, who overcompensate their lack of successes with tendencies of egomania, selfishness, arrogance, and disrespect- with their behaviours typically supported by traits of toxic femininity and Incel-like behaviour.

Opposite to “Big Tit Energy”, a female with Small Tit Energy can simply be described as unbearable, bigoted, dishonest, hypocritical, obnoxious, and displeasing.

Females who have Small Tit Energy are usually “Pick Me’s”, “Incels/Femcels”, sexist feminists (Feminazi’s/misandrists), radical liberals/right-wingers, or simply put: selfish, spoiled brats and bullies.
Person #1: I’m not like most girls; I’m a true, modest and feminine figure. I actually have respect for myself and don’t prance around in a bra like a slut because I actually know my worth!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: If I want sex, then I should get it! My wants over your comfort! Men need to give me what I want! If he can’t please me, he ain’t shit!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: I’m a feminist that believes men shouldn’t be given equal rights! I have a vagina, and if you have no uterus, then you have no opinion!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: It doesn’t matter if I struck first, boys shouldn’t hit girls! He deserved it for not buying exactly what I wanted!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.

Person #1: I’m opposed to harassment, but if you do something I don’t like, whether it be something you said, did, or even something you wear, then I have the right to harass you! Know your place!
Person #2: Small Tit Energy.
by Myusernameisyourusername April 28, 2021
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