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"Phone Ring"

The definition of this term is actually completely black and white. Drake's words actually translate directly.

Hotline = Phone
Bling = Ring

One could state he is singing "I know when that cell phone ring, that can only mean one thing". It just so happens that in this song he is referring to a booty call as is affirmed by the mention of "late night when you need my love"

The term itself does NOT mean "booty call". Your hotline could bling any time of the day and it could be your boss or even your mother.
"Yo dude are you ever gonna answer that? I can hear your hotline blingin from the other room over and over ."

"Nah man its my Lil sister, she's buggin me for a ride but I cbf right now."
by Arvainium January 24, 2016
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Drake sings this when talking about his phone ringing. "When that hotline bling" just means "When that phone rings" in a black-culture way. He sings about how he knows when his phone rings late at night and the caller is the particular female character from the song, that it can only mean it's a booty call.

Contrary to the other ultra-white definition on here, "Hotline bling" is NOT just some term for "booty call", not even close. It's only relevant in this one song.
Dude 1: Damn man your hotline hasn't stopped blingin since we left!

Dude 2: Yeah dude it's the bossman, he keeps asking me to work this weekend. Only he can make dat hotline bling like that... I ain't takin no calls!
by Arvainium November 26, 2015
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A booty call this word became popular from a Drake song called Hotline Bling
Ex: "I know when that hotline bling, when that can only mean one thing"
Katy: Oh my God, John is calling
Katy's friend: It's a hotline bling

Katy: Well he's not getting any tonight
by Kaylalani September 29, 2015
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Drake lost his damn mind and made up the term.
I could say when that cellphone ring, but nah, it hotline bling.
by Bob Van Dam January 25, 2016
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Hotline Bling means when a ex boyfriend or girlfriend calls their ex and begs to be back with them or ask for love again.
My ex-girlfriend called me yesterday for Hotline Bling.
by wot_chris_ October 11, 2015
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First made famous by Drake in 2015, Hotline Bling is the flash made by your phone when your ex be hittin' you up. The phone's or "hotline's" flash is meant to resemble the flash or "bling" made from jewelry or when light is reflected off it.
I know when that Hotline Bling, that can only mean one thing.
by Nickelodeon GUTS World Champ December 09, 2015
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