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The practice of worshiping a meme, a group of memes or the god of memes.
What religion do you follow?
Get a life man.
by CXDE May 09, 2016
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Memeism is an internet-based religion. It is the worship of dank memes. A form of worship is spreading well-known dank memes around the internet along with spreading homemade memes with hope of it blossoming into a dank meme. If one controls the memes, one controls the world.
"I saw Jerry dealing dank memes yesterday, I think he is practicing memeism.
by Healthyfever October 14, 2016
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Memeism is the religion of memes and the gods are
That Boi: Ruler of the internet and main god.
How To Basic: The god of eggs.
Jake Paul: The god of war (also wants the rule of Youtube).
Logan Paul: The rightful follower of Jake Paul.
Idubzzz: The god of wisdom.
Ugandan Knuckles: The messenger of the gods.
TabascoSweet:The god of TGI Fridays.
Carl Azuz: The god of puns.
Vegetals: The god of food.
Cats: God and ruler of Youtube.
Troll Face: The God of trolling.
Michael Scott: God of saying no.
Tronald Dump: God of building walls.
Chillary Clinton: God of chillin’.
Scarce: God of saying hiding behind all trees.
VSauce: God of being a meme for a long time.
Yoshimaniac: God of ytps
Comment Awards: God of laughter and stealer of memes.
Slime: The dead trend risen.
Tide Pod: Suicide in laundry detergent.

Spaghet: The best of pastas.
It is Wednesday My Dudes: The God of Wednesday.
Christian Server: God of no swearing.
Michael Rosen: God of clicking and saying nice.
One does not simply: God of not doing something simply.
Grumpy Cat: God of grump.
Doge: God of wowwing.
Dabbing: God of the people.
Is That a Man Riding a Shrimp: God of people riding shrimps.
Shrek: God of his swamp and saying donkeh’.
Nyan Cat: God of rainbows.

Underworld Gods
Bottle Flip: The dead challenge.
Harambe: Ruler of the Underworld and dead memes.
Ice Bucket: The dead charity run.
Whip-Nae-Nae: The most dead of trends.
What Are Those: The dead Roast.
by Memeism Follower February 15, 2018
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Memeism is a religon based on worshipping dank memes. While there are many different versions memeism, all of them follow one basic premise. There is a list (or what some memers refer to as a holy chart) of meme gods to worship. Holy charts usually divide meme gods into different ranks, or appoint each meme god to be the god of something, an object, act, ect. Worshippers, or "memers" usually worship the gods at meme churches. These churches are owned by the priest, also known as the "memelords." Memers can also worship by dealing dank memes out in public, or by just representing the version of memeism they follow in any positive way. Many versions of memeism also require the memers and Memelord to do crusades for them, so the religon can spread and the memers can exterminate the normies. Overall, memeism, no matter which version, is a beautiful religon. As it gives you an opportunity to worship the memes, the best thing(s) ever created, and you get to become a dank memer
Person 1: What funky stuff are those bloody people doing in that church!?
Person 2: I think they're worshipping memeism!
by WM - Official July 19, 2019
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Memeism is an internet-based religion originated from the birth of the 3 Wise Gods from Regent International School- the graveyard of Deepapa. Sumail is the head and creator of all memes; GLIM (Guai Lo is Me) is the second and the god of cringe; the last god Voodoo Tee aka T-Cup is the god of any form of retardation. These 3 Gods are all-powerful, all-dope, and very mature

Memeists believe that memes are the life force and the spiritual needs of the soul. Daily dosage of memes lead to a closer relationship to Sumail. Being in the cringe factor provides a more closer relationship to GLIM. Those who do not believe in Memeism will therefore rot in Hell and suffer with mental retardation and autism and any other mental or physical illness for eternity( So basically that leads Voodoo Tee to be the God of Hell ). However the Chosen Ones of Meme will be resurrected from the grave and will go to Meaven (Meme Heaven) and enjoy a eternal lifetime of unlimited memes and playgirls

How to be a Memeist A$AP:
1) Read the Mible- any source of memes, phone, tablet computer
2) Remember meme verses- Sad Pepe, Roll Safe, etc.
3) Worship the Wise Gods- by screaming Allahu Akbar in a public area and get fucking arrested
4)Live your life based on these memes
~Memeism has many denominations, the Wise Gods only recognise 3. Sayur-sayuran, Old Time Asznee, and New New New New New Zealand
1)‘Are you a Memeist?’ ‘Of course I am’
2)Memeism is the best!

Synonyms of Memeism: dope slave, Mansa Musan, Chrustlim, Gogobob, Gigibob, Bob Chai, Jya Jun
by SumailtheStormSpirit December 08, 2017
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Memeism is the study of a set of rapidly spreading and practically world-wide social changes caused by exposure to content known as "Memes". Lead researcher in the field of Memeism Constant Throwing explains:

"The ability to understand this content relies largely on a what I call a 'reference community/ community of reference'. This is a set of people who- despite geographical, economic, and cultural separation- are able to relate to one another based on references that- if unpopular in a given part of world/ culture at the current time- lead the curious observer (who has been triggered emotionally, be that negatively or positively, by exposure) to a greater understanding to that particular reference: and therefore will promote a shared understanding. This ability to help people relate across boundaries previously insurmountable by traditional media is what gives Memes the massive cultural impact that we see today."
How can you claim that Memeism is a real thing and that it actually affects society?

The effect of Memeism on society can be measured by the prevailence of memes in popular culture and how this transcends the pop culture, religion, politics, economics, and geographical location of individual nations.
by ProfessorMEmes November 18, 2017
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