Normally a scummy, spoiled, abominable, degenerate, heinous, evil, druggie, limp-wristed, soy-boy, subhuman-garbage, scoundrel with the IQ level of a potato (unless an Antifa leader which can be high IQ pedophilic devils).

Cries like a victim while always being the oppressor and destroying what ever country he/she is in and all It’s positive values.

Calls fascism tyrannical and hateful but It’s all his/her own projection and he/she supports total-communist genocidal tyrannical governmental powers.

Barks slogans like a dog and has incredibly low or no originality.

Unable to create ANYTHING, and is only able to use and destroy what good people made.

Absolutely no good can be found in them, and a loathsome intolerant attitude against absolutely anything positive or good is seething within each of them.

Living hardened embodiment of pure-evil and pure-hypocrisy/contradictions/lies/ trying to prove their purest-evil filth of a cause as the most moral and just thing ever.
Antifa Members are abominable, pure-evil, wilfully-ignorant, degenerate, subhuman-garbage, scoundrels and embodiments of all that is evil and abominable.

When the most dishonest and reality-twisting people on earth honestly show that they are communists unlike everything else, it shows that there is a massive double standard against fascism but never against communism and It’s treacherous and disgraceful.

When people are infuriated and fire people over a racist tweet, but allow full and total communism and Bolshevik level subversion to be totally tolerated, it shows that communism is in reality systemic in our western culture.
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The answer to America's tolerance and sensitivity crisis, 'member berries are tasty morsels of organic nostalgia. 'Member berries are fresh and crisp, but make us remember the old as we consume the new. First investigated by South Park, 'member berries will restore our sense of patriotism and freedom.
We all want something new, but that makes us remember the things we love. We want to 'member. We need your 'member berries!

'Member Chewbacca?
by isblueacolor September 16, 2016
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(derogatory) an active member of a bigoted online group
person 1 : ew that guy is so rude!
person 2: : he's probably a bbg member
by Schmidt Jones May 27, 2021
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When your girl continues to fondle your cock and balls with loving care and affection post coitus.
I nutted up Charleen real good last night after which he gave me a nice member mingle for about 20 minutes till I passed out.
by Eaton Holgoode November 11, 2015
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A hip-hop collective group, formed by Ski Mask The Slump God and deceased rapper XXXTENTACION in 2014 after the two met in juvie. At the time of this post, the hip-hop collective consists of 23 alive members, 6 of them being part-producers (Bass Santana, prxz, Killstation, DJ Scheme, IceCat and Kanohan). Of course, not to be confused with the clothing line from 1980s, or the derogatory term for a homosexual. Their albums consist of 4 Volumes, the most recent one charting at No. 2 on iTunes (US).
Person 1: "You heard that new Members Only shit?"
Person 2: "Volume 4?"
Person 1: "Yeah, nigga!"
Person 2: "Of course, my favorite shit off it are 'Hi Wendy!', 'MEMBERS ONLY!' and 'Pick Your Poison'
Person 3: "Nigga there's 24 tracks on there, geez!"
by bluii February 8, 2019
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An employee of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, or Disneyland Tokyo.

Departments include, but are not limited to:
- Attractions (the best)
- Foods, including Outdoor Vending (ODV)
- Custodial
- Merchandise
- Entertainment
- Maintenance
- Security
- Guest Relations
- Main Entrance
- Etc.

See also: guest, Fastpass, backstage, onstage, lead
The cast member at "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" was asked where the Fastpass for Space Mountain was located for perhaps the one-hundredth time that day.
by amg May 3, 2003
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