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The answer to America's tolerance and sensitivity crisis, 'member berries are tasty morsels of organic nostalgia. 'Member berries are fresh and crisp, but make us remember the old as we consume the new. First investigated by South Park, 'member berries will restore our sense of patriotism and freedom.
We all want something new, but that makes us remember the things we love. We want to 'member. We need your 'member berries!

'Member Chewbacca?
by isblueacolor September 16, 2016

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1. Length of time one lasts in a sexual encounter before climaxing. Additionally, number of successive copulations or climaxes one can achieve.

2. Plural of stamen, which technically is also sexual.
I always get dumped because I lack stamina in bed.

In Carmina 32, Catullus promises his girl 7 successive copulations -- he must have a lot of stamina.

I wonder how much stamina stamina have during pollination. (Talk about the birds and the bees....)
by isblueacolor November 23, 2007

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A handheld device, or PDA/personal digital assistant, running Palm OS and manufactured by Palm Computing. They are used to "organize" through things like To-Do lists and a Contacts database, but also support games, Word documents, and more.

Note: These are not the same as a "PalmPilot." PalmPilots were one of the first (pilot) versions of the Palm. Modern Palms have names like Palm T|X or Tungsten E2.
The new Palm T|X includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
by isblueacolor January 29, 2006

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