When you have too much sugar. Like when you're drunk on beer, you're "shrunk" on sugar
by SOMEONEEEEE December 20, 2014
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To drink so much alcohol that you dehydrate (through vomiting/urination/night sweats) and look visibly smaller the next day.
"I got so shrunk on vodka it looked like someone had put me in the dryer the next day."
by Jefira May 31, 2009
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To get “drunk” or high, or to be tripping on mushrooms, Drunk + Shrooms =Shrunk
Hey man I think I’m already shrunk.
Wow brother are you shrunk right now?
by Marcodrilo May 5, 2020
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Going shopping after having a cocktail (or two, or three); shopping while drunk. Generally most noticeable the next day when you realize what you (probably shouldn't have) bought.
(At the checkstand) Wow, look at my cart - - I'm totally shrunking!

What was I thinking, buying that outfit yesterday? I must have been really shrunking!
by Kat 6 August 5, 2009
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"Shrunk" is a drunken mispronounciation of "drunk".
"Yay! Martinis! Let's get shrunk on Martinis!"
by sonny-boy August 20, 2003
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