1. At Disney theme parks, they are tickets issued that act as a placeholder in the line. The ticket is issued with a one-hour time frame (i.e. 2:30pm - 3:30pm) later in the same day, at which point the ticket holder may return and enter a shorter line and therefore not spend as much time waiting.

2. In the opinion of many attractions cast members, watching over Fastpass distribution is the single worst part of their job.
When they got their Fastpass at Space Mountain, they decided to go to "Honey, I Shrunk the Audience" in order to pass the time.
by amg May 3, 2003
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Jimmy Valero's secret identity friends with the coon enemy of professor chaos and rival to Doctor Timothy.
Fastpass travel system is fully op op op good to go
by detirm April 27, 2020
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Refers to visitors at any Disney Theme Park. Essentially either a disney visitor who doesn't use fastpasses or poorly organizes their schedule to result in the use of foolish fastpass decisions. Also for people who use fastpasses on rides where it is completely unnecessary, such as the stitch ride or any show.
Wow, look at those fastpass noobs. They just got a fastpass for buzz lightyear when it has a 10 minute wait and space mountain has a 60 minute wait.
by Rapta dude March 30, 2010
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A person that is extremel fast, it can travel around the world 3 times in the span of 6 seconds. They can also set the world on fire because of his speed
"My friend Jimmy, he's a real fastpass."
by Lexxer69420 April 15, 2023
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