A very cute girl. Extremely sexy, smart and sweet. Loved by all.
Josh loves Melanie like whoa. Melanie loves Josh like whoa. Yeah, they love eachother.
by MeliBu BaRbii March 15, 2006
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Melanie: A tingling slightly electricly charged senstation when: she touches my hand...when I catch her scent in a crowd...when I smell her on my clothes...when i feel her hand in mine...when our eyes meet and don't seperate...when i see her...when I hear her but she's just out of sight...when I know she's looking at the stars thinking of me...when she's scared and wants me there and no one else..

when I truly feel her falling for me...
Melanie is: Everything I want...more than i need...want her more than anything...need to be with her..gotta have her...wanna see her all the time...wanna kiss her as often as possible...wanna be in constant contact with her...sweet personality...perfect eyes...great body...lovely smile...sexy lips...cute laugh...graceful (at times) =
love evrything about her!!!
by roglackey April 02, 2009
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the best name a for a person. she is generous, beautiful and has a gorgeous smile. she may be shy at first but when you get to know her she is beautiful. many people have crushes on her but they are too scared to tell her.
person 1: i really like that girl melanie

person 2: then go tell her

person 1: no i'm too scared
by edhardyforlife October 04, 2010
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A wonderful, caring, loving individual. One who would do anything for anyone if at all possible. Not all Melanies are fat bitches thank you very much!!!!!

Melanie is a kind, considerate, helpful, friendly, humourous, devoted, fun loving, mellow, easy going, thoughtful, generous, oh the list goes on and on and on.

If you ever meet a Melanie (Mel) your life will be so much richer!
This Melanie will never go on Jerry Springer!
by Melanie Oxley May 19, 2006
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An awesome girl who likes to be ghetto, and pulls it off even when white. Generally pretty.
"Melanie is beautiful."

"And Ghetto."
by Brian Smishlle. August 02, 2007
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A smart, gorgeous hard working girl who loves to have fun with her friends. She will love you for who you are. She won't judge you on your past experiences, truly the best best friend anyone could have. Melanie lives a life of extreme and tends to get caught up in work but in times of need, she'll drop anything to be by your side. Melanie doesn't have time for a boyfriend, but if Mr right comes along she'll squeeze him in somehow, somewhere. She's focused, loyal and knows what she wants. She's a balse' type of girl who smokes a shisha with her discontented friends whilst contemplating the 'meaning of life'. A caring girl who will never give up and is willing to go to great lengths to please her lover. She can become dangerous and criminally inclined if you wrong her so make sure you don't. An arachnophobic who doesn't like to camp, likes cars and joy sticks. Lovers her high heels, matte lipsticks and bad men.
Melanie looks hot in that red bandage dress and matching heels, she looks like a super model.
by Workoholic December 15, 2017
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An amazing, mysterious girl who is greatly decended from the greek goddess Artemis. Melanies love the moon and the night, and absolutely adore animals. She feels like she can turn into an animal herself. Although very beautiful and many boys have a crush on her, she is rarely interested in them. She excels at archery, and gets very good grades in school. Feels a pull inside her towards the forest, to shoot the enemy down. A great love for animals and the night, Melanie is someone you definately want to get to know.
Whoa, that girl is just like an Artemis... Just like a Melanie.
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