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A word to describe one of the hottest, nicest, funniest, most honest, caring, and likable woman in the whole world
aww man i think you caught a melanie!! Luck Fuck.

*Guy 1: Yo u see that new melanie in school today?
*Guy 2: Dude, her names Kate, get it right!
*Guy 1: Man Shes definately a melanie!
by switchmeister September 20, 2005
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TWRF That Was Rather Funny

In the world of chatrooms and forums LOL (laughs out loud) is seen all the time, This is used alot, but rarely when used is the user actually laughing out loud, LOL is a lie! People are starting to get annoyed at lol, and alot of people think it has run its course. Enter Twrf at the moment it is a underground chat term just itching to break out into the mainstream.
dave says: i fell down the stairs today, my ass is red raw, im walking around like i have a duck stuck up it!!

John says: TWRF
by Switchmeister October 08, 2005
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Fan Id Like To Fuck

Invented by Hollywood Adam From the superior podcast Nobody Likes Onions, this term was made to describe good looking female fans of the show. A shameless rip of of MILF, (Mom Id Like to Fuck) this term is used on a regular basis amongst the fans and presenters of the show.
"woah dude, all these fans awesome!... woah look at her now THATS a FILF!"
by Switchmeister October 05, 2005
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