A girl who is a master of all sexual activities involving the penis. Considered to be a penis genius. One who is consider an expert with the cock, or a cockspert.

Wow this girl is great in bed, she must be a Melanie.
by St33l April 24, 2009
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Melanie's are the best girls you'll meet!Melanie's are usually talented and may be a bit flirty Melanie's can have there corky moments and sad moments but you can resist
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by FartBucket.com January 29, 2017
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A hard working and driven individual, and pretty cool easy-going person in general. Very happy, caring and outgoing young woman. She can talk to anyone about anything. loves a good prank and free stuff. She has a weird obsession with kitties. She is a picky eater because she is constantly afraid of getting sick. She is also secretly a huge nerd and knows her way around the internet, video games, mac computers and software programs pretty easily.
Oh yeah, Melanie, she is the one with cat who watches her browse the internet for hours.

I talked to Melanie today, man, she is really random.
by Mr.TommyPickles February 04, 2010
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Good friend,listener, helpful although loud at times can be obnoxious,but hey it's how she is
Melanie Very optimistic and opinionated
by Chris Hodges February 06, 2018
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Melanie is perfect.
Everything about her is perfect.
Her hair is always perfect. She usually straightens it and at least 3 people ask to play with it every day.
it gets complimented by old ladies in the bathroom.
she's wicked pretty, not that tan but being pale-ish suits her.
she gets creeped on by creepy people and asked out by a lot of people that are weird but thats just because she's soo attractive.
she's so nice, loveable, and funny
anyone is lucky to be in the presense of melanie :D
"wow, that college guy is staring at that high school girl... again!!!"
"well obviously... she's a melanie!!!"

"whoaaaaa..... that girl is too pretty for words!! who is she?!"
"melanie... duh!!"
by twizzler1292 August 15, 2009
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An amazing girl with a great personality will always be there for you whenever you need that little bit of cheering up!! Has that type of smile that makes you wanna smile back:) Cant lie to save her life which is prety funny to watch:') Everyone should have a Melanie in their life!!
girl:argh i hate my life why am i such a failular
Melanie:Don't worry sweetie ill be here for you!!
by secretperson123 December 03, 2011
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